Electro   mechanical   pinballs   also   known   as   EM   pinballs,   have captivated   and   entertained   people   all   around   the   world   for decades.   If   you   are   interested   in   simply   playing,   collecting   or restoring   these   amazing   coin   operated   arcade   machines,   this site will be of some assistance to you. My   interest   in   repairing   and   restoring   older   Gottlieb,   Williams and   Bally   EM   pinball   machines   is   now   a   hobby   after   playing these classic pinball machine in the late 1970’s. Browsing   through   the   site   you   will   find   EM   tips   and   help ,   plus images of previous machine restorations. Should you have any enquiries please email. Kind regards Greg
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